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Since 2000, Trux Accessories has provided unique and innovative accessories to the trucking industry. Seeing Truck drivers alike as the pillar of aspirations for the everyday worker, these individuals influence Trux to deliver trend-setting products to the masses. The very same individuals who drive inspiration manifest the TRUX motto Be Original! In turn, Trux Accessories has built a reputation as a pioneer in the industry of Chrome and LED lighting.

It started in 1959 with the current owner’s grandfather, who opened a tire truck shop geared towards local fleets. Later on, the very same shop transformed into a thriving distributing center under the leadership of the co-founders’ father. Throughout the years, these brothers learned that treating customers right and always supplying products with superb quality would outlast any market trend – Thus Trux was born. Founded by the two brothers with a passion for Chrome, they continued their journey, expanding the family business supplying Lighting Accessories and heavy-duty parts to the trucking industry.

Today, the TRUX team is consistently inventing new products to feed the ever-growing trucking market. This drive has propelled the Trux™ Brand to become one of the most original and innovative in the industry. As the leading manufacturer of aftermarket LED lighting, Chrome, and Stainless accessories, Trux has and always will produce the best quality products.

Feel free to explore a vast collection of LEDs, Work lights, Headlights, Fenders, Exhausts, and Stainless trims on this website or visit a local Trux Dealer!