Introducing the Universal Reverse T-Bar, a top-tier panel crafted from a composite of high-quality 304 Stainless Steel & Aluminum Back Plate.

The Universal Reverse T-Bar is available in three different configuration options to choose from, such as; a clean panel without any cut-outs, providing the freedom to use it as desired or the LED cut-out option with either 8 or 13 4-inch holes. To add a personalized touch, the 4-inch style light of your choice can be added (please note that lights are sold separately).

The Universal Reverse T-Bar incorporates reinforced brackets engineered to prevent cracking or denting caused by vibrations originating from road conditions. These brackets offer exceptional support, ensuring the durability and integrity of the Reverse T-Bar even when traversing rough terrains or encountering bumpy roads. By efficiently absorbing and dispersing vibrations, the reinforced brackets contribute to the long-lasting quality of the T-Bar.

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